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Prayer of the optimist

Prayer of the optimist

prayer of the optimist

Thank you for the mess I have to clean up after the visit,
because it means I have friends.

Thank you for the taxes I have to pay,
because they mean I have a job.

Thank you for the lawn I have to mow, for windows that need to be washed,
for rinses calling for cleaning and maintenance,
because it means I have a house.

Thank you for the clothes I have a little tight,
because it means I have something to eat.
Thank you for the shadow that still accompanies me at work,
because it means we have the sun.

Thank you for your constant complaints about government and politics,
because that means we have freedom of speech.

Thank you for the big heating bill,
because it means. that we are warm.

Thank you for the lady who sits behind me in the church and irritates me with my terrible singing,
because it means I hear.

Thank you for the laundry for washing and ironing,
because that means my dear ones are close to me.

Thank you for the alarm clock that sounds early in the morning,
because it means I live.

Thank you for your fatigue and my aching muscles at the end of the day,
because it means I could be active.